Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Pacific Rim Play Therapy LLC takes numerous steps a a precaution to minimize possible exposure and cleaniness.

COVID 19 Safety Protocol

  1. Pre-screening Covid-19 symptoms; checklists and temperature checks for all patients and visitors prior to entrance into the office.
  2. Face Masks are required to be worn in the office at all times regardless of age of the patient as it is required by the building management.
  3. Ample office space is available to allow for social distancing of 6 feet in each therapy area.
  4. Hand sanitizers gel are present in each playroom and waiting room.
  5. Covid-19 Posters that contain proper hand washing, symptom identification, how to wear a face mask and social distancing are posted in the waiting room.
  6. Each patient needs to sign an Covid-19 agreement for Face-to-Face Therapy.
  7. PPE supplies are available at the office for patient use (gloves, face masks (child and adult sizes) , Face shields and sanitizer alcohol wipes)

Patients or family members with possible exposure, symptoms or close contact

  1. All patients are informed that they need to call the office if they have been possibly exposed to Covid-19 or have been in close contact or symptomatic 24 hours prior to any appointments at the office.
  2. If a patient has been in close contact to a possible Covid-19 individual, they are asked to quarantine as recommended by the Department of Health or their physician and are not seen in person until cleared.
  3. Any patients with symptoms or fever above normal (98.6 degrees) are not allowed in the office and cannot return to in-person therapy unless they are cleared by their physician or have a negative Covid-19 test. You are to provide a copy of the test results or a doctor’s note.
  4. All Staff at the office are fully vaccinated.

Office cleaning and disinfecting

  1. Cleanable plastic toys and miniature figures are cleaned using detergent and water or sprayed with 70% alcohol.
  2. Doorknobs, light switches, thermometers are wiped down daily.
  3. HEPA Air filters are in each room and circulating fans as well as air conditioning to provide air circulation.
  4. Building restrooms a maintained by building cleaners daily.
  5. Carpets are vacuumed daily.
  6. No bleach or bleach solutions are used due to chemical fumes and possible chemical reactions if mixed with other solutions.
  7. Sand is cleaned using a cleaning solution (kills germs 99%) and rinsed and allowed to dry.
  8. Sand tray miniatures are sprayed with alcohol and allowed to air dry on a regular basis.

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