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Welcome to my Website!
Aloha, my name is Elizabeth "Liz" Kong and I am a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in the State of Hawaii and am a Registered Play Therapist who is passionate about play therapy and helping those in need!

  • Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationships?
  • Are you having difficulties managing your son or daughter's behavior?
  • Having bouts of anxiety, feeling blue or just stressed out?
  • Easily upset? Fighting all the time?
  • Difficulties dealing with life transitions?
  • Feeling out of control?

If life has got you down and you need  some support, give me a call or email me today!

A little bit about me--- I am a 3rd generation mixed Asian-Part Hawaiian  who loves,   ethnic food and the outdoors.  I have over 20 years experience serving various populations in a variety of settings: the physically challenged (i.e. those with developmentally delays, deaf/blind and low vision etc), the disadvantaged (i.e. migrant farm workers, refugees, homeless folks), those struggling with addictions (i.e. substance use) and those experiencing loss (i.e. suicide, divorce/separation, grief)  and  trauma (abuse, domestic violence, stress reactions). In addition to my work as a therapist: I also work at a  local  elementary school serving keiki's  in need who are anxious, worried, sad, lonely, or nervous about starting or staying in school, feel like they have no or few friends, feel angry or mad when divorce comes their way or don't feel good about themselves to name a few common concerns.

My Motto is "Healing Hurting Hearts"

My Vision  is to reach children and families in the  Pacific Rim through caring, compassionate counseling.

If faith is an integral aspect of your life we can discuss that too!

Mahalo for visiting my site!
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