Sanitation and Office Cleaning

Pacific Rim Play Therapy LLC takes numerous steps to sanitize the office regularly.

Sand is Cleaned Using These Tips

  1. Cleanable plastic toys and wipeable surfaces are sprayed with Fantastic spray cleaner (kills 99.9% of germs) for sanitizing then are rinsed in water.
  2. Doorknobs, light switches, thermometers, miniature figures for sand tray, plastic chairs, tables and furniture are disinfected using 70% alcohol prep pads or 70% alcohol in spray bottles.
  3. Furniture wiped with sanitizing wipes.
  4. Restroom – bathroom cleaners  then afterwards 70% alcohol spray 
  5. Carpets – spray on rug cleaners as needed
  6. Windex 
  7. No bleach or bleach solutions are used due to chemical fumes and possible chemical reactions if mixed with other solutions