Sample of Play Therapy Toys

Toys are “the language” of the child to express their ideas and feelings  in a natural manner as all children love to play. Through play, children can convey to others what is happening in their everyday lives.


Children may choose to use a variety to toys to express what words cannot convey.  They can use cash registers, medical kits, megaphones, and construction tools.

multicutural 2

If they want to talk about people, I have a variety of bendable multi-cultural dolls for make believe play

sandtray 4


For the Active players, I have food and play objects as well as a mat to jump on!


For children who like to paint and draw, I have ample supplies of paint and construction paper as well as a large easel.  Children who are aggressive really enjoy using the bop bag to express their frustration in a safe way.

play food

Everyone needs food and money to play house and store

puppet stage puppets

Puppets are a great way to  do dramatic play using a puppet stage.


Using balloons as a fun way to express feelings too.

feelings wheel

Children can also make  feeling wheels  to share with others outside the playroom how they feel during the day.

childrens art

Most children love to draw too.

self control

In addition to play, children learn about social skills such as why it’s important to show Self-Control.